The Leonardo da Vinci Society is a cultural organization based in San Francisco. The Society organizes presentations and other events that highlight the importance of Italian history and culture, and the importance of Italian contributions to American life. Membership is open to all who love Italy and wish to learn more about this wonderful country.

All events take place in San Francisco. Leonardo Society events are free to members, invited guests, and registered attendees.



In 1949 Countess Lillian Dandini, Mrs. Dobbins D’Anneo and Mrs. Louis Piccirillo had several conversations about the desirability of forming a non-profit, not-political organization to promote a broader and deeper understanding and appreciation of Italian contributions to art, literature and culture. It was their hope that these objectives might be achieved through the presentation of lectures, concerts, exhibits and receptions honoring distinguished persons.

The first formal event was held on May 9, 1951, when the Society sent out invitations to members and potential members to view an exhibit of Italian handicrafts at the De Young Museum. This was followed, on July 22, 1951 with a concert at the De Young, which presented the Minetti Student Symphony Orchestra, directed by Giulio Minetti.

Thus began a distinguished history of a unique organization. Many wonderful events have been presented over the years, generally on a monthly basis.

The Society was incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of California on July 25, 1951. Several years later, the Society was granted 501 (c)(3) status as a charitable and educational organization under the Internal Revenue Code, thereby achieving income tax deductibility for all contributions to the Society.

Board of Directors 2017

Amelia Antonucci

Vice President
Vincent Fausone

Membership Chair
Sonia Alioto

Cultural Chair and Recording Secretary
Paola Tonelli

Walter Romanini

Social Chair
Sabrina Longega Wilson

Marketing Committee Chair
Carla Priola Anisman

LDV Society Historian
Laura Piccirillo Waste

Italian Heritage Historian
Alessandro Baccari

Special Projects Coordinator
Colomba Ghigliotti

Legal Counsel
Francesca Bannerman

Giovani Project Chair
Isabella Weiss di Valbranca

Giovani Project Co-Chair
Valentina Consolo

Ex oficio Member
Lorraine Legg